How to save on office energy bills.

How to save on energy bills when your business is on a tight budget? 

There are always ways to save on energy bills.

They can be as drastic as changing energy suppliers to subscribe to a cheaper offer or they can be simple tricks to get used to on a daily basis.

For companies, whether big or small, energy consumption is a huge part of their expenses and can sometimes be the difference between success and bankruptcy.

Whether on a tight budget or not, it remains crucial for a company to pay attention to their energy consumption and the offer they subscribe to.

How to save on energy bills? 

If your company is on a tight budget, it is essential to evaluate the money you spend on energy in order to be able to save on energy bills.
For companies, it is the part of the budget that is often one of the most costly.

More often than not, consumers are paying more than what they should. This can be explained by the fact that they may have subscribed to an offer that wasn’t the right fit for their consumption habits.

At Switch Plan, a team of experts strongly advise to re-evaluate your offer and your consumption bills and decide whether to switch suppliers or not.

If you decide to keep the same supplier, you can change your payment method. For instance, you can top up your meter. This means you pre-pay your bills and then get access to the amount of energy your payment allows you to have.

This is a way to save energy and consume less. People often consume more than they need. This method is used by those who want to save on energy bills and who also have a social conscience and want to act more eco-responsible.

Natural sources of energy will also help save on energy consumption and therefore, energy bills.

What if I want to switch energy suppliers? 

Switch Plan recommends re-evaluating your consumption and getting the help of professionals in analysing it.

This will help you decide if you want to switch. If that is the case, the experts who helped you make your decision can also accompany you in the switch.

They guide you in these simple steps:

⦁ analyse your bills and the contract you are subscribing to
⦁ compare your offer to other offers on the market
⦁ compare different suppliers
⦁ help you find the right offer for you

Switching suppliers is common in people who are moving, or companies who are on a tight budget and have recently grown. The bigger a company gets, the more energy it will need.

A change often occurs when a company has acquired bigger offices or even opened a new office in another location.

You can read more about saving energy in this article.

What are the simple daily  ways to save energy? 

If you need to save on energy and don’t feel like switching suppliers or reevaluating your bills, there are still things you can do.
Here is a list of simple things to get used to doing to save on energy:

⦁ use less hot water (when showering or cooking)
⦁ use cold water when possible, like for handwashing or to brush your teeth
⦁ switch off the lights when you leave the house
⦁ switch off the lights when you leave a room, even briefly
⦁ switch off the heaters when you leave the house, even if coming home to a cold place is not pleasant
⦁ lower the heaters temperature before falling asleep
⦁ use heating systems that get their energy from natural sources