How To Design An Efficient And Sustainable Office For Your Business

Your office design influences your team’s productivity and job satisfaction. But it also helps to improve your businesses sustainability and green cred!

How To Design An Efficient And Sustainable Office For Your Business

Your office design says a lot about your business. It shows everyone from casual visitors to prospective clients to your workforce where your priorities lie and what you stand for as a company. And while there’s always an element of creativity and brand synchronicity that goes into your office design, it’s also important to balance other ethical and practical considerations. In this increasingly ecologically aware age, your office design is also an important way to improve energy efficiency, reduce your energy consumption and boost profitability.

With the right design firm in your corner, you can ensure that your office design helps to facilitate your operational goals. For instance, your office design can...

Improve your business’ sustainability and green cred

Sustainability is important for businesses and consumers alike today. Indeed, 75% of millennial consumers are willing to pay more for the products and services they use when they know they are sustainable. Good office design can help to improve your business’ green credentials while also driving efficiency and sustainability in your workplace. Not to mention saving you some money and boosting profitability, too!

There are many ways in which you can do this, including:

● Ensure that your design makes the most of its available natural light.
● Install low flow toilets and other water saving measures.
● Switch to an Economy 10 meter to give you cheaper energy during certain business hours.
● Replace inefficient incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives.
● Add timers to the lighting arrays of rooms that are rarely used.
● Switch to a Green Energy Tariff to ensure that energy saving design elements are supported by a 100% renewable tariff.
● Incorporate plants, “living walls” and other green ideas to purify air naturally without the use of grid energy.

Keep your team happy, healthy, productive and motivated

Great office design isn’t just about cutting costs and driving efficiency. It’s also about ensuring your team enjoy great workplace satisfaction and remain as happy, healthy and productive at work as possible.

This is especially important in the current climate, where COVID-19 may make members of your team reticent to return to the office. Good office design can make social distancing easier, as well as making communication and collaboration between team members easier and more efficient.

Even something as simple as maximising natural light can make a huge difference to employee productivity. Natural light aids concentration, combats stress and helps us to feel happier as we work. It’s no coincidence that the Harvard Business Review calls natural light the ‘number one office perk’.

Wow prospective clients

Finally, efficient and sustainable office design is a great way to wow your business’ prospective clients. Not only can it bowl them over with its aesthetic beauty and practical ingenuity, it can also show them how much you value your workforce and the planet that we all share.

It can showcase your sense of Corporate Social Responsibility while also showing that you’re a dynamic and inspiring company. The kind of people that they’ll want to do business with!