Attention to detail

Niche Projects has been appointed an interior design and fit-out project to shape CWA’s new London headquarters. With over 35 years of experience in international maritime trade, shipping and insurance consultancy, our goal was to communicate the client’s company culture, business structure, and extensive trade history through thoughtful design of their new offices.

In close collaboration with the client, the Niche design team transformed CWA’s offices into a contemporary, bright and functional working space. With a complementary colour palette to client’s brand identity, the introduction of wooden accents brings softness to counterbalance the frosted glass features. A luminous and inviting reception area highlights the company logo in elegant backlit artwork, while the open boardroom offers a view of London’s cityscape through beautiful arched windows. The open desk areas, complete with a selection of easy-to-maintain plants, provide a comfortable workspace for staff. The balance between artificial and natural light creates a lively atmosphere throughout the entire office space.